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Infuse magical wonder into your event with our compact bubble machine today! No matter if you’re organising a fun kids’ party or a romantic intimate wedding, our bubble machine is the ultimate effect machine to captivate your guests.

Our bubble machine is designed with robust housing that will endure the high demands of any type of event. It is very easy to use and operate, you simply pour the bubble fluid into the tray, plug in the machine, turn on the switch, and you’re good to go!

This easy plug-and-play special effect machine is a great addition to any type of event in Sydney and works best with our other party hire options like party lighting to create an entertaining atmosphere. 

Bubble Machine Hire

Immerse your event space with shimmery bubbles using our professional bubble machine. This machine can produce 150 bubbles per minute, filling up your event space in a matter of seconds!

About our Bubble Machine: Simple and Easy to Use

At Speaker Hire, we stock premium bubble machines that produce tiny elegant bubbles in a matter of seconds. With its near-silent operation and ability to make 150 bubbles per minute, you will find this effect machine the perfect accessory to fill your event space with magical wonders.

This compact machine is designed to be user-friendly, its plug-and-play system makes it the perfect effect for any type of event. Including a removable tray, our bubble machine makes it easy to access and maintain – ensuring you receive the best-of-the-best machine. Along with the machine, you will also receive 1L of bubble fluid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with 1L of bubble fluid with your bubble machine that typically lasts for 30 – 45 minutes of continuous bubble fun. 

Our bubble fluid is non-toxic For best effect, do not dilute or combine with water or other solutions. 

In most cases our items will fit in a car. If you are picking up multiple speakers and items, double check the measurements of the products or call us on (02) 8209 6723 or (02) 8058 9152 to double check.

The machine is not heavy at all! It requires only one person to carry and load to the vehicle. 

Yes, our bubble machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, provided you have access to power. However, please be aware that the bubble fluid may leave residue, potentially causing a slip hazard. 

bubble machine for events hire
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