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Step into a magical world with our Dry Ice Machine Hire. Whether you’re organising an elegant wedding or a spooky Halloween party, this effect machine is the ideal event accessory to create an unforgettable moment.

This industry-grade quality dry ice machine turns water into a thick fog that gently hovers close to the ground. Our machine creates soft and fluffy-like clouds as if you’re dancing on clouds. Imagine the romantic atmosphere as you dance through gracefully through the clouds during your first wedding dance. Allow us to transform your Sydney event space with this captivating and unforgettable effect. 

Dry Ice Machine with Operator

Experience dancing on clouds during your first wedding dance using our Dry Ice Machine hire. This romantic machine, creates a thick, white fog that stays low and hugs the floor – making it perfect for weddings. Includes an Operator. 

dry ice machine

About Our Dry Ice Machine

Create an unforgettable magical moment using our special Dry Ice machine hire in Sydney. This special effect machine is perfect for wedding events, especially during the first dance or bridal entrances.

Built with industry-grade quality, our dry ice machine transforms dry ice into a thick fog that stays low to the ground. Featuring a powerful build that heats enough water to create fog from dry ice. Providing 6 minutes of run time, you have an experienced operator to set up and work the machine. This allows you to not worry about the more important aspects of your special wedding day.

Typically our operator must know the run-times of your wedding to organise and coordinate accordingly. Unlike smoke machines, where white smoke fills the air, our special effect machine disperses low and thicker white fog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dry ice machine can only be hired by our operator. So you don’t need to worry about the operational and setting up aspects of this machine. 

We do not offer our machines to be picked up. Our operator will arrive at your venue and will operate it according to your wedding schedule. 

It lasts for 6 minutes. 

Yes, we recommend you to communicate with your venue if you plan to use dry ice during the event. 

Unfortunately, we don’t offer it to outdoor venues. 

A smoke machine produces thin-fog like smoke that dissipates into the air. While a Dry ice machine creates a thick-fog that is low-lying – giving the dance on clouds effect.

bride and groom dancing on clouds
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