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Transform your Sydney event into an extraordinary occasion with our top-quality range of microphones, accessories, and mixers. Our premium microphone selection includes corded microphones, wireless microphones and lapel microphones.

Depending on your event requirements, each microphone serves distinct applications, which is why we offer microphones for different applications. Are you planning an event where you have multiple AV equipment in Sydney? We recommend hiring an audio mixer to seamlessly connect all your sound equipment for an efficient and enhanced audio experience. 

Corded Microphone

Our Corded Microphone is a great solution to effectively deliver your message to the audience at your Sydney event. It is very easy to use and set up, you simply plug it in and you are good to go.

Wireless Microphone

Our Wireless Microphone is the perfect microphone setup you need for speeches, lectures, seminars or for any event requiring you to move around freely. Easy setup and operation. 

Lapel Microphone

A Lapel Microphone is a great solution if you are opting for a hand-free usage whilst making speeches or presentations. Great to efficiently and effectively deliver your message to the audience.

Microphone Stand

Our Microphone Stand is a sturdy and durable solution for any performance or presentations. The adjustable height allows for flexibility for any type of set up you are planning. This makes it perfect for corporate events, performances or weddings in Sydney.

Audio Mixer

An audio mixer is used for mixing, balancing and combining different sounds and audio signals. Renting an Audio Mixer allows you to connect multiple sources such as speakers and microphones. This makes it easy for mixing, balancing and controlling all your multiple sound sources.

Audio Mixer

About Our Microphones and Mixers for Hire

At Speaker Hire, we strive to enhance the sound experience of any type of occasion in Sydney. That is why we stock a range of premium microphones, accessories, and audio mixers to elevate the sound system of your event. 

Our Corded microphones is a great option for events where presenters or speakers remain stationed at a designated area. This microphone is very easy to set up and use – where you simply plug the cords in and you’re ready to dominate the stage. It is designed to provide crystal clear and reliable sound, allowing your guests to hear your message loud & clear. 

The Wireless microphone is another excellent choice, especially for those who plans to move around the stage or area. A wireless microphone makes it easier and more flexible to create an impactful speech. These microphones are especially ideal for interactive sessions, Q&A discussions, and panel talk in Sydney.

Our Lapel microphone is a convenient hand-free microphone solution for presentations, conferences, lectures and seminars. With a lapel microphone, you have the ability to attach the microphone onto your clothing. This allows you to move with ease whilst speaking. 

If you plan on using multiple sound equipment, an audio mixer is an essential equipment as it will connect all your AV equipment. Our professional-grade mixer is a beginner-friendly device as it is features a one-knob compression. This easily dials in the perfect amount of compression for instruments and vocals.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our microphones produces high-quality sound as they are professional-grade microphones. Each microphones are designed for different applications. 

Our microphones are very easy to set up. Upon delivery, we can provide a short guide and setup of the equipment for additional fees. 

In most cases, our speakers will fit in a car. However, if you are hiring more than 2 speakers and multiple items, please ensure that you have checked the measurements of the items, or call us on (02) 8209 6723 or (02) 8058 9152 to double-check.

Our microphones, microphone stand and audio mixer are light-weight and requires one person to carry. 

If you require multiple speakers or microphones for your event, you will require an Audio Mixer to connect all your equipment, using one console to control all equipment. 

wireless microphone on microphone stand
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