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Create a mesmerising atmosphere, and enhance your party, dance floor, Halloween party, video or photo shoot with beams of light dancing across a haze of smoke with our smoke machine!

The addition of our smoke machine will elevate the visual experience of your event by pairing it with our laser lights for an immersive party experience. Our smoke machines come pre-filled with fog fluid so you’re ready to go. So take your event to the next level and create a worldly experience today!

Smoke Machine Hire

Our Smoke machine is an effects machine that produces thin smoke, filling a room with thin-like fog. It is simple and easy to set up – simply plug in and trigger the remote or button. 

More information on our Smoke Machine Hire

At Speaker Hire Sydney, we offer a smoke machine that creates a thin-layer of smoke or fog to fill your event space. The addition of a smoke machine to your event will highlight not only your lights but enhance the overall atmosphere of your Sydney party. Our machines are very easy to operate and setup. As we provide you with sufficient smoke fluid to last the night – all you need to do is plug and play! 

We stock well-recognised brands in the industry as we ensure our customers receive the best of the best effect machines for a successful event in Sydney. We offer two powerful smoke machine brands – Vaperiza and Chauvetdj Hurricane, where both machines can generate expansive smoke production in their compact build.

The Vaperiza smoke machine is a powerful 1500 watt smoke machine that features a 18,000cu / ft output. Meaning in its compact size, this smoke machine can generate great smoke production to give your party or event an amazing atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although most smoke and haze will disperse before activating a smoke alarm, it is possible for alarms to be triggered depending on the space’s ventilation, smoke alarm sensitivity, and the distance or placement of the smoke/haze machine.

To minimize risks, ensure the area is well ventilated, place the machine far away from smoke alarms, and conduct advance testing.

A smoke machine produces thin-fog like smoke that dissipates into the air. While a Dry ice machine creates a thick-fog that is low-lying – giving the dance on clouds effect.

In most cases our items will fit in a car. If you are picking up multiple items, double check the measurements of the products or call us on (02) 8209 6723 or (02) 8058 9152.

Our smoke machine are not heavy and requires one person to carry and load to vehicle. 

Our smoke machines comes with a full tank of smoke fluid that will last for 7hrs + of operation. You will need to manually trigger the smoke machine for a continuous output of smoke.

Our smoke machines are generally safe to use; however, if you or your guests experience any discomfort from prolonged exposure, it’s important to take precautions.

We advise you to set up your smoke machine away from anything that may be flammable.

You shouldn’t create or add any other liquid in the smoke machine other than our specific smoke fluid. 

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